Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustees Meeting, October 1, 2013

Attending:  Dave Bybee, Paul Robinson, Jeff Bryan, Mike Bean, Eric Lybeck and Richard Dickson.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Richard at about 7:30 pm.

Minutes:  Minutes from the September 3, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Trustee Budget:  The assets increased about $5,000 as the result of a gift to Trinity for repair of the roofs.  The Capital Reserves remains at about $16,000.  No progress has been made in understanding the requirements for use of the Skelton fund.  Trustees discussed endowments, including the pros and cons of a balance sheet that does not include all accounts, such as the Trustee’s Memorial Fund checking account.  The Trustee Chair will discuss this matter with the Treasurer.

Church Use Requests:  The Trustee Chairman approved a request by the Japanese American Citizen’s League to use Mary Dawson Hall on Oct. 27 (Sunday).  [The Trustee Chairman forgot to mention the request from the Eastern Star Chapter No 85 to use the kitchen and kitchenette on Nov. 25 & 26 until after the meeting was adjourned.  The remaining Trustees had no objections to the request, and the Trustee Chairman subsequently approved it.]  

Annual Schedule:  During the next month, the boiler will be started, fire extinguishers will be checked, and the sprinkler systems winterized.  Dave will check to see if Omni performed the annual fire alarm test when they installed the new security system.

Richard will continue as the Trustee chairman.  There were no volunteers for the job of assistant chairman.  Richard will ask Cheryl to remain as the Treasurer.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  Trustees discussed the contract with Greens Keeper for winterization of the sprinkler system and decided to keep the account for now.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  The presentation made at the Trinity Walk About on September 15 was well received.

Five priorities were presented by the Trustee Chairman for discussion:

1. Make a proposal at the next Church Council to establish a committee to raise funds for restoration of Trinity.  This committee would be responsible for capital fund raising efforts, including the preparation of grant proposals.

2. Caulking and painting of the S. Clerestory Windows and caulking of top edge of roof membrane.  A work party will meet at Trinity on Saturday, Oct 5 at 9:00 am to begin caulking, sanding and painting.

3. Develop a plan to install new covers on the lower stained-glass windows in the north aisle.  This will include cleaning and painting of the wood trim, inspection of the sill (under the aluminum flashing.  This task will allow the trustees to gain experience and knowledge in dealing with more challenging windows in other locations.

4. Measurements need to be taken to determine if there is a bow in the high parapet walls.  This condition was observed during the stone and mortar inspection on September 14.

5. The concrete columns in Mary Dawson need to be placed on a watch list. One of the columns was reinforced with a concrete wrapping c. 1997, because the original concrete was deteriorating.  Trustees need to periodically inspect the other columns for cracking or indication of deterioration.

The Treasurer received the reimbursement check from Church Mutual insurance for the replacement of the basement carpet damaged in January when the sewer backed up.  The payment needs to be transferred back to the Trustee Memorial checking account, since this account was used to pay for the replacement carpet. This payment completes the repair work recovery efforts from that incident.

Insurance:  Nothing new in this area.

Memorial Funds:  No report on the memorial funds was available.

Other Business:  No other business was identified.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:30 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

Important Maintenance Tasks

at Trinity & Parsonage (Updated November 2, 2013)

Major Tasks                                                            Manageable (Short-Term)Tasks

Counter Flashing of Roofs                                 Paint/Caulk Clerestory Pivot Windows –
                                                                                   Done (Oct 2013) Additionally, aluminum
                                                                                   flashing installed over pivot window sills
                                                                                   and clear vinyl inserts installed to protect 
                                                                                   upper half of vent windows.

Deep Grouting/Repointing                                 Repair Caulking under Clerestory Windows –
                                                                                    Done (Oct 2013)

Sealing of Coping Stone Cross Joints               Re-route Downspout to Alley from Education
                                                                                     Wing – Done (Oct 2013)

Stained-Glass Window Restoration                   Caulking of West Side of Education Wing
                                                                                      Roof – Done (Oct 2013)

Roof Drainage Issues                                            Membrane Roof on North Low Tower

Roof Membranes for High Towers

New Shingles for Main Sanctuary Roof            Re-caulk Plexiglas on Clerestory Windows –
                                                                                     Plexiglas on south-clerestory were caulked
                                                                                    (Oct 2013)

Repair of Trinity Chimney

Repair of Parsonage Chimney

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