Email from Linda Milam

I don't have any issues for trustees this month, nor did Brenda indicate any concerns.  If anyone does have issues, let me know, otherwise I suggest we pass on the January 22 meeting. 

Assuming that, our next meeting will be Feb. 26, 6:30 PM.  In the meantime, be looking at the annual list of work to be done at the church and parsonage (that I handed out last month), and make any additions. 

Doug, I have put the job description in the SPRC mailbox for Cheryl O'Brien's signature.

Cheryl, there are several end-of-the-year memorial slips in the Trustee mailbox.  Check the dates on the memorial slips; if any were made before Dec. 31, be sure to indicate that on the acknowledgement card to the donor.  There are also a statement and a new (roll-over) CD certificate.  We have another $200 from the Culbreth's for the kitchen, which will partially reimburse the cost of the new counters.  I will be meeting with Scott Taylor (church treasurer) to make sure that any bills paid out of church funds (basically the sink, faucet, and some of the plumbing) are subtracted from the amount of memorials that are due to be turned over to our account.

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