Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustees Meeting, January 15, 2013

Attending:  Jeff Bryan, Richard Dickson, Eric Lybeck, Cheryl Siedelmann, Vince Esparza and Jane Simmons.  Dave Bybee attended the concurrent Church Council meeting and arrived towards the end of the Trustee meeting.  The meeting was opened with prayer at 7:30 pm.

Review of Minutes:  The minutes from the regular December meeting, the January 4, 2013 Emergency meeting, and January 9, 2013 Field Change meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes.  The motion was approval unanimously.

Discussion of Annual Schedule:  The Fall Inspection of Trinity was completed on December 9, 2012.  A list of the problems and concerns was provided to the Trustees.  The fall inspection of the parsonage has not been conducted.

Church Use Requests:  A request by the Buzz Group of AA to use Mary Dawson Hall for a meeting and dance on February 16 was discussed.  Based on our long-term relationship with the group, the request was approved.  The Trustee Chair will call the requester to discuss cleanup of the hall and general expectations for the meeting.  A request to use Mary Dawson Hall for the America Corp National Services Day was approved by the Trustee Chair following the January 4 Emergency meeting.

Trustee Budget:  The sewer repair at the parsonage is an unforeseen major expense.  Repair of the sewer by Advanced Plumbing will cost $5,557.  Costs for initial attempts to open the sewer line were about $350 by Westside Plumbing and $305 by AAA Sewer Service.  In addition, American Restoration charged $250 to remove the carpet pad and dry the basement carpet.  The deductible for the insurance is $1,000.  The insurance does not cover the repair of the sewer line.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  The new water softener was installed prior to Christmas.  No additional cost information on bedroom curtains was available.  The electrician has not called back about the replacement of the two wall heaters and thermostats.  Eric will contact the electrician about this job.

The remaining tasks from the sewer repair are to: (1) close-out repair order with Advanced Plumbing (Jan. 16 or 17), (2) repair sheetrock, texture wall (where the box around the drain was removed), (3) paint, replace carpet & pad, (4) repair lawn and garden, and (5) coordinate the spring test of the sprinkler system with Greenskeeper and Advanced Plumbing.  Vince volunteered to get a quote on the cost of the sheetrock repair in the basement.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  No progress has been made on reattaching the urinal in the upstairs bathroom.  Rocky Mountain Boiler refurbished the leaking valves on two upstairs radiators in the education wing and the radiator in the secretary’s office on Dec. Cost was $651.35.  Eric has purchased a new digital timer for the Elm Street marquee and will work with Rob to have it installed.  The fluorescent lamps in the marquee are functional, so new ones may not be needed at this time.  Vince will be working on the repair of the sliding doors under the Parlor sink.

The Trustees were informed by Betty Anderson that the carpet that wraps over the step of the altar in the Chapel is coming loose and needs to be fixed.

The trustees discussed the roof leak over the ramp area in front of the sanctuary.  Inquiries will be made to determine the best time to diagnose and repair this leak (and other locations in the sanctuary showing moisture).  The extremely cold weather may make diagnosis and repair difficult at this time.

The trustees discussed the status of the Trinity Safety Policy.  Jeff is on a joint committee to develop written functional requirements for the system.  At that point, the quotes for the security system can be updated and reviewed.

Insurance:  The Church Mutual insurance policy has been renewed.  The policy was updated to include the additional hand bells and $1k for music.  The balance of the music stored at Trinity is covered under the church policy.  As a note, the pastor has a renter’s policy to cover her contents in the parsonage.  The insurance has been notified of the sewer backup at the parsonage.

Memorial Funds:  An additional $600 has been received in memory of Jean Greenhalgh.  The current balance of the memorial fund is about $6,300.  Cheryl is working with the Treasurer to reconcile the transfer of funds from the General Fund to the Memorial Fund.  No progress has been made in changing the list of authorized users on the Westmark account.

Other Business:  Dave provided a summary of deliberations at the Church Council Meeting (as taking place tonight).  The Trustees will be asked to develop a Last-to-Leave Checklist for patrons to use when locking the church after a meeting.  The Trustees will also be asked to draft a Cyber Security Policy & Procedure for Trinity.  The Trustees possess no special knowledge in this field and are hesitant to accept this task.  Finally, the Church Council intends to move forward on the Trinity Safety Policy.

There was no other business.  The meeting was adjourned about 9:30 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

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