Trustee’s Meeting Agenda

January 15, 2013

A. Review and Approve December 4, January 4 and January 9 Minutes

B. Review of Jobs on Annual Schedule

1. Fall inspection of parsonage

2. Fall Inspection of TMC

C. Church Use Requests

1. AA Buzz –  Speaker and Dance in MD Hall (2/16/13)

2. America Corp National Service Day (1/21/13) in MD Hall (approved on 1/4/13)

D. Trustee Budget

1. Review of 2012 Budget & Expenses

2. Discussion of 2013 Budget

E. Status of Parsonage Jobs

1.  Repair of Sewer Line

a.  Additional jobs associated with sewer line repair

2. Reminder: Brenda’s Priorities: (1) Curtains in Cameron's room and basemen; (2) Window well covers; (3) Fireplace cleaning/inspection; (4)  Floor between kitchen and laundry room; (5) Softener; (6) Thermostats (this can wait because we have purchased 8 portable room heaters and they work fine); (7) Washing machine; (8) New flooring in kitchen, laundry room and office.

2. Bedroom curtains

3. Water softener installation

4. Completed Jobs

a.  Water softener installation

F. Trinity Building

1. Inspection of Trinity Church – Dec 9, 2012

2. Water leaks in sanctuary roof

3. Repair urinal in up stairs men’s bathroom – Rob authorized to call 1st Street Plumbing

4. Completed job - leaking valves on education-wing radiators were repaired by Rocky Mountain Boiler – Cost was $651.35

5. Repair of mechanical timer for Elm Street marquee

6. Replacement of high-output fluorescent bulbs for marquee – availability of high-output fluorescent bulb or alternate solution (Cheryl)

7. Research use of dimmable LED lights for chandelier and other sanctuary globes for future bulb replacement (Richard)

8. Replacement of windows in education wing

9. Trinity Safety Policy

a. Bids for Security System

b. Funding for Security System

c. Workability Comments - feedback to SPRC

d. Path forward?

10. Doors under the parlor sink keep falling off the tracks. (Vince)

G. Insurance

1. New Policy Issued

a. Value & inventory of hand-bells.

b. Costs

2. Status of claim for sewer backup at parsonage

H. Memorial Funds

1. Update of Memorial Gift Book

2. Transfer of Funds from General Fund to Memorial Fund

3. Change signatures on Westmark Account

I. Other Business

1. Change signatures on Safe Deposit Box at Wells Fargo

     Trinity United Methodist Church; 237 N. Water Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402                                  208-522-7921; office@tumcif.org