Church upstairs kitchen work:

Email from Linda Milam:

Next Sunday, 6:30 is our November/December combined Trustee meeting.....

it is also the night of the bell concert, so I propose that we meet as planned but only long enough to give out copies of a proposed calendar for activities at the parsonage and the church....things like the sprinkler system and semi-annual walk-throughs at the parsonage, confirming snow removal for the church, clearing out gutters at the parsonage, etc.  You can review and add items and we will review in January.  Dave and Doug, you can work with Brenda and Rob on the church calendar; Eric and Richard, if you would do the same and perhaps schedule a walk-through of the parsonage with Brenda.  This is also a time to compare to the proposed job description for Rob to make sure they match with the calendar-ed activities.

 11/23/11 - Email from Linda Milam:

The kitchen work will begin on Tuesday morning, when I meet David Huston at the church at 7 AM.  (On Monday afternoon, the water will be disconnected to the sink and the drawers will be removed and the lower cupboards emptied.

Eric located a sink at ReStore, and I picked it up this afternoon.  It is a double sink, enamel on cast iron, in exceptionally nice condition, and cost $50.  I took it to the church and Rob put it in the parlor (it is in the corner behind the coffee serving tables, behind the coffee cart). 

On Friday, I will look for a faucet; Rob recommends Moen, since they are good quality and, if repairs are ever needed, parts are easy to get.

First Street Plumbing is lined up to be at the church at 10 on Wednesday morning to install the sink.

The original contribution of $600 (minus the $278 used to buy the new stove) will cover both the sink and the faucet.  The undesignated memorial funds are more than adequate to pay for the two new counters.

Call if you have questions.  Won't it be nice to have this done!


Once we have a handle on a calendar, we can also update and add to priorities, in February and March.  I am going to be gone for a couple of weeks in late January to mid-February (visiting my brother and my son's family....they all live in warmer country!).  So, we may need to look at meeting dates for January.  Unless someone else would like to chair the January 28th meeting!

See you Sunday.  And, take a look at the kitchen if you haven't seen it yet....looks pretty good, I think.


Cheryl, I left the bill for the laminent work in the Trustee mailbox; please pay out of undesignated memorial funds (ASAP...small businesses cannot afford to wait too long).  (There are also some bank statements, but I don't think there will be much difference, since no significant contributions have come in recently.) I gave the receipts for the sink and faucet to the church treasurer to be paid out of the memorial gift that was given last year (and has already been used to purchase the stove).  We will also have a bill from the plumbers...some of the work for the kitchen and some for one of the bathrooms, so I will see how we can divide that. 

Email from Linda Milam 11/21/12

 The replacement of our kitchen counters is scheduled for next Tuesday and finish on Wednesday AM, Nov. 29 and 30.  Having a 5th week of the month means there are limited activities, so that works best for the work to be done.  I talked with Rob today and he hopes to disconnect and cap the water lines under the sink, which means we would avoid turning off water to the church...an alternative would just impact the education wing. He was not overly concerned about the boiler, though it is possible we will have a chilly church if the most drastic solution, shutting off the water throughout the church, is needed.

Tuesday, there is only one activity scheduled at the church...Cub Scouts at 7:30; Eric, is that when you are there?  Be prepared for the possibility of a chilly church and non-working restrooms.  The regularly scheduled sermon prep meeting is at the parsonage, so we won't impact that.  Wednesday, there are no activities scheduled until noon; Shanda is calling the contact people for those groups to let them know there is work going on that could possibly impact them.  I have asked Shanda to avoid scheduling any other activities on those days.  Brenda, let me know if you see any problems with this.

David Hurst, the laminate man, will be at the church at 7 on Tuesday morning, so I plan to be there to meet him.  He expects to spend the day removing and replacing the counters.  Tomorrow, I will be calling First Street Plumbing to come about mid-morning on Wednesday to hook up the new sink and faucet.  Eric and I plan to have the sink and faucet purchased and at the church for cutting out the counter top and installation.

Some 'opportunities' to help:

After 1 PM on Monday, Rob will be working on disconnecting the water lines under the sink.  I will be there, and there is only so much room under the sink, but if anyone can be there to offer assistance, let me know.

After 1 PM on Monday or on Monday evening, the drawers need to be taken out and the cupboards under the counters need to be emptied.  I checked today, and it looks like an under-one-hour job.  Rob will have a table or two set up in a corner of the parlor to hold the various items, and we can use the coffee cart to move things into the parlor.  I will plan to work on that while Rob is working on the water lines, but if anyone can be there to offer assistance, let me know, and I will meet your schedule.

Tuesday AM, David will be working to remove the existing counters.  They have been in place for perhaps 50 years, and there have been several paint jobs, so this may be a significant task.  If anyone can be there on Tuesday morning to help, let me know.

Wednesday AM, if we any qualified plumbers in the church, let me know before I call First St. Plumbing.

Questions??? Concerns??? call me or email me ASAP.


Email from Linda Milam 11/19/11

1 - I would like your approval on the following proposal:

After waffling because the cost just seemed to high and required too much work on our end, I went to Johnson Bros. on Friday morning.  They gave me a short list of people who do laminate, and recommended one fellow highly.  They also showed me some laminate that they are phasing out.....so 'on sale.'  It is light colored (as we have now), which I think is best for that location.  When I got home, I called the recommended David Hurst to see if he might be available to do our kitchen work.

This morning, I met him at Trinity.  He will replace BOTH counters, including removing the existing counters, for $800, and can do the work the week after Thanksgiving.  I am comfortable with him, since he was highly recommended by Johnson Bros. and they have an excellent reputation.  Plus, nice to work with local folks whenever possible.

We have $322 in Memorial funds (left from the $600 after the purchase of the new stove).  That has never been transferred over to the Memorial account, so I suggest we use that amount to buy the sink and faucet.  The money for the counters would then be from the memorial account.

As an aside, Rob had indicated we would need to turn off the water in the church while the work was being done (about a day and a half).  David thought we could just turn it off under the sink, unless the connections have been corroded over the years.  That possibility should be considered when deciding the work days...we might need to 'borrow' access to the museum rest rooms for a day or two!

If you approve of all of this, please let me know.

Also, Brenda, I will check on Monday to make sure we don't have any major conflicts that will impact doing the work the week after Thanksgiving. 

2 - Jeff, there is a letter re: the PACT insurance program in the Trustee box....there is not a lot of detail, but would be good to compare to our existing Church Mutual coverage.  Could you do that before our Dec. 4 meeting and make a recommendation.  You may want to confirm our current coverage with Tyler Seymour.

3 - Cheryl, there are a few memorial account statements in the Trustee box; I checked the counter sheets and there have been no new memorial contributions, but could you prepare a current accounting of available funds for the Dec. 4 meeting.

4 - Eric, you mentioned that the Restore store had a good price on sinks.  Could you check in the next week to see if there is one available....the existing double sink is 21" x 32"  We wouldn't want anything smaller.  If you cannot, let me know.

5 - Doug, if Eric cannot help with the sink, would you please check on that, or I can meet you there and we can make a decision.  I have never bought a sink, so would like someone else to assess the various kinds available.


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