Trinity United Methodist Church

Emergency Meeting of Trustees, January 4, 2013

Attending:  Dave Bybee, Jeff Bryan, Richard Dickson, Eric Lybeck, Jane Simmons, Vince Esparza and Junior Gonzale were present.  Cheryl Siedelmann attended sporadically because of a previously planned Boy Scout meeting.

The meeting commenced at 7:30 pm with a prayer.

Background:  The sewer at the parsonage initially backed up on Sunday, December 30, 2012 and water eaked into the basement through the water softener drain.  Snaking of the system by West Side Plumbing was not successful in removing the blockage.  AAA Sewer Service was contacted to perform a camera inspection of the line to see if the problem could be identified.  The camera was only able to provide images part way along the sewer line at the back (south-side) of the parsonage.  Since Advanced Plumbing had replaced the sewer line along the east of the yard in December 2009, they were contacted to see if they could provide additional detail on the configuration of the sewer systems and possible cause of the blockage.  (The December 2009 repair went from the southeast corner of the parsonage out to the street.)   On January 3, 2013, Advanced Plumbing performed a camera inspection and hydro jetted the line.  The problem is deterioration of the orange berg sewer line that runs along the back (south) side of the house.  This orange berg line was constructed of a fiber treated material.  Over the years, the orange berg line has deformed and deteriorated.  The snaking of the line has tended to peal back some of these layers and make the problem worse.  Approximately $1000 has been spent so far in trying to resolve the sewer problems.

Discussion:  Jeff B. provided sketches of the sewer lines and proposed repairs.  Two bids have been received to repair the sewer line.  The bid from AAA sewer only covered conventional trenching and replacement of the line from the kitchen to the cleanout at the southeast corner of the parsonage.  Cost to replace the entire line along the back of the house would be roughly about $8k. Advanced Plumbing provided bids for three options.  Option A involved replacement of the line from the kitchen to the southeast corner of the parsonage.  Cost would be $4861.  Option B involved conventional replacement of the line from the kitchen to the southeast corner.  Cost would be $5555.  Option C involved replacement of the entire line along the back of the house (including the section from the new upstairs toilet).  Cost would be $5557.  The work to repair the sewer line should be able to be performed in one day.  Advanced plumbing will credit the cost of the diagnosis work performed on 1/3/13 if we accept their bid.  Punt Plumbing was also requested to provide a bid, however his excavator was unavailable at this time.

After considerable discussion, Vince E. made the following three-part motion: (a) the Trustees accept the bid from Advanced Plumbing of $5557 to replace the entire line along the south side of the parsonage, (b) prior to the start of work, request Advanced Plumbing to provide a contingency plan for addressing the line from the new upstairs toilet (along the west side of the basement), should that line turn out to be orange berg pipe or the cast iron is in poor condition, and (c) take picture to document the work as it is performed.  The motion was seconded by Dave B.  Following additional discussion, the motion was unanimously approved.

The meeting was adjourned about 8:15 pm.  Following the meeting, the Trustee Chairman called the Treasurer to ensure that adequate funds were available to perform the needed work.  The Treasurer indicated that adequate funds were available to cover the expenses to repair the parsonage sewer.

The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

Email from Richard Dickson - 1/2/13 - Cheryl,

FYI.  Jeff & Vince will be meeting Advanced Plumbing at the parsonage tomorrow to receive their opinion about what is causing the problem.

After looking at the sketch, I’d like to know how the basement softener drain attaches to the system.  From what I heard, the laundry water was running out of the softener drain.  If so, the blockage has to be down stream of the point where the softener drain connects to the system.


From: Vince Esparza [mailto:vesparza@cableone.net] 
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2012 5:55 PM
To: Richard Dixon
Subject: 1470 Scorpius

On Sunday , about 6pm on 12/30, I received a call from Brenda Sene. There was water shooting out of a pcv pipe in the basement. This water as it turns out, resulted because the washer, after the rinse cycle was completed, proceeded to empty out the water and it did not go where it was supposed to be going...instead it took the path of least resistance and spilled out the PCV pipe that is supposed to accept the water from the water softner and spilled out onto the basement floor.. I called the only plumber I knew of and he came and started the process in determining what was the problem. Even though he did not determine the exact solution he did point us to a company that has the camera technology to provide us with the correct objective. Mr. MikePoliski <aaasewerservice@hotmail.com> AAA Sewer Service responded to my call on 12/31/12. As you can see from the attachment and his explanation of the problem. The plumbing in the Parsonage is not well thought out since it appears it was not thought out as one complete system when built. There used to be a Septic system that was in the yard when the Parsonage. Maybe you can understand the picture of the plumbing, but if you don't give me a call and we need to Pow-Wow as the Parsonage is only half- useable. Call me. The correct objective will take approximately 5-6 days to resolve.


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