Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustees Meeting, February 5, 2013

Attending:  Jeff Bryan, Richard Dickson, Eric Lybeck, Cheryl Siedelmann, Vince Esparza, Jane Simmons and Dave Bybee.  The meeting was opened with prayer at 7:30 pm.

Review of Minutes:  The minutes from the regular January 15, 2013 meeting were reviewed.  The minutes were amended to include the assignment for Jeff to prepare a report including drawings and photos to document the recent sewer repairs made at the parsonage.  With this addition, the minutes were approved.

Discussion of Annual Schedule:  The Local Church Parsonage Annual Report was submitted for Rev. Sene’s signature.  The schedule calls for a review of the annual and biannual jobs to ensure they are scheduled.  No unscheduled jobs were identified.  The review of the Trustee files in the Secretaries office was a December job that was not completed.

Church Use Requests:  February 16, 2013 will be a very busy day at Trinity.  The Trustees approved the request by the Buzz Group of AA to use Mary Dawson Hall for a meeting and dance.  The youth have since scheduled their Valentines Day Spaghetti Dinner for the same evening.  The youth are planning to use the parlor.  The Trustee Chair will contact the Buzz group to inform them of the concurrent use of the building on February 16.

Trustee Budget:  No additional information was available on the 2013 budget.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  Eric has contacted the electrician (Richard Van Orden) about the replacement of the two wall heaters and thermostats.  The estimate for the initial electrical repairs plus the heaters is $450.  Eric will help coordinate the completion of this job.  Vince has contacted the repairman and received a bid of $175 to replace the sheetrock in the basement and texture the basement wall.  This job will begin when the electrical work is complete.  Once the sheetrock work is done, the carpet will be replaced.

All American Cleaning needs a signature on the water damage mitigation bill for submittal to the insurance.  The mitigation bill is $1,645.94.  Jeff will contact All American Cleaning.

Eric will coordinate the spring repair of the lawn mower, including repair of the brakes.

The purchase of bedroom curtains for the parsonage was tabled as no additional information was available.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  Kay Kiefner has contacted a friend who is a retired roofer and will try to schedule a meeting/inspection of the leaks in the church building.

No progress has been made on reattaching the urinal in the upstairs bathroom.  The Trustee Chair will discuss the job with Rob and see if he needs assistance.  The new digital timer for the Elm Street marquee is scheduled for installation on Thursday (Jan 17).  Cheryl purchased a box of fluorescent lamps for the marquee, so that task is complete.  Vince and his friend completed the repair of the sliding doors under the Parlor sink.  Hinged doors were installed instead of sliding doors.

The loose carpet on the step of the altar in the Chapel was repaired by Rob.

A draft of the functional requirements for the security camera was prepared by a joint group from the SPRC and Trustees.  Informational meetings were held by the SPRC to inform the church membership of the proposed Trinity Safety Policy.  Additional direction may be provided at the upcoming Church Council meeting.

Insurance:  The bill for the Church Mutual insurance policy was recently paid.  Partial payment (~$2,200) was made.  Jeff contacted the insurance agent and the policy still needs to be amended for the new hand bell endorsement and reduction in parsonage contents coverage.

Memorial Funds:  The total donations to the memorial fund for Jean Greenhalgh was about $1,000.  Cheryl was authorized to purchase 2,500 memorial cards for $200.  These cards are used to acknowledge gifts to the memorial fund.  The signatures on the Westmark account have not been changed.

Other Business:  Signatures on the safe deposit box at Wells Fargo need to be changed.  The Trustees also discussed concerns that repair costs at the parsonage and church are unsustainable given the current budget.  Opportunities for working with the Museum of Idaho were discussed, as they are considering a major expansion into their parking lot.  The Trustees will carry the discussion about the long-term sustainability of maintenance problems on a 100-year old facility to the Church Council meeting scheduled for next Tuesday.

There was no other business.  The meeting was adjourned about 9:30 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

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