Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustee Minutes, March 4, 2012

Attending:  Cheryl Seidelmann, Doug French, Eric Lybeck, Richard Dickson, Linda Milam

The meeting was called to order and an opening prayer offered by Chair Linda Milam.  Minutes of the December 4, 2011 meeting were approved as written (the January 2012 meeting was deferred and the February meeting rescheduled due to the Lenten My Story, My Song series).

Financial Report:  a summary was given by Cheryl Seidelmann; there is a current balance of ~$4900 and there is ~$3900 still to be transferred from the church accounts.  Linda said she would, at the next Finance Committee meeting, request that outstanding balance be transferred to Trustees and that any future balances be transferred either quarterly or when the balance exceeds $1000.

Chair Report:  the parsonage has been rekeyed; a set of keys is stored in the ‘key closet’ at the church.  There will not be a general distribution of keys.

Committee Reports:  

Church Building and Maintenance:  Doug reported on roof issues:  A leak was identified about the stairs; Rob has recaulked the suspect area on the roof and to date there have not been additional leaks.  An additional leak was found on the south side of the sanctuary; it might be a ‘quick melt’ issue and Rob will track for future occurrences.  Some shingles were damaged during the recent wind storms; Rob can do the repairs; Eric suggested that we assure that there is fall protection before the work is done.  The Museum ATV is temporarily being stored in the Trinity shed; the Museum offered its use to Trinity but we have chosen not to accept….we have parking lot snow removal covered and want to avoid any liability issues from use of the machine.  We have offered the storage for the remainder of the winter as a one-time accommodation.  There appears to be some erosion around the base of the marquee sign.  Cheryl will work with the Scouts to arrange for repairs to be done later in the spring.  

Parsonage:  no current issues.

Insurance:  no current issues.

Old Business:  The committee briefly reviewed the list of tasks to be addressed at the Church and the Parsonage.  SPRC requested an addition to Rob’s job description, addressing periodic safety inspections inside the church and on the grounds.  Doug will see that the description is amended.

New BusinessChurch building issues:  There was a concern raised that tree roots may be lifting a portion of the sidewalk; there will be a follow-up.  Someone reported they moved their car during the recent windstorm because the chain-hung sign on the south side of the church was swaying.  Parsonage:  The annual parsonage report was given to Eric and Richard; they will meet with Brenda to assess any needed upgrades or maintenance.  Use of the church:  A request was received from the the Alcoholics Anonymous group that meets at Trinity.  They would like to use the kitchen and Mary Dawson Hall for a fund-raiser.  The committee approved with the request with two provisions; UMM will be meeting there that morning and AA cannot access the facility until UMM is finished, and they must leave the facility in the same condition they find it.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM;  the next meeting will be March 25 at 6:30 PM.

Minutes prepared by Linda Milam

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