Parsonage checklist 

I have added a note re:  fuel tank, so this is the latest.  Also, changing completed items to red.  If you want to keep on your computer, just delete original and rev. 1


This is the original list from Eric; I have added the basement leak and lawn mower work that we discussed on Sunday.  Assignments in red, other notes in green.  I think I have everything, but if you see errors or omissions, let me know. (Lonesome Duck, Charles Benson, was recommended for repairs as needed - 681-8708, 68d1-8707, 524-8295)

Minor Repair Work:

    Driveway cracks (autumn project)

    Cracked garage window pane (Hearts and Hammers, Paul Robinson)

    Garage window trim (probably all windows should be assessed, not scheduled)

    Deteriorated mortar on brick near SE corner of house (needs a mason, Linda to call)

    Loose basement stairway railing (Hearts and Hammers, Eric - mount to studs)

    Washer lid Interlock intermittent (probably pin switch; Jeff to check)

    Assist springs in w. bath window (Hearts and Hammers, Paul Robinson)

    Charred e. bath door (replace, Gene Summers)

    Missing cabinet handles, install (done)

Repair Work:

    Two deteriorated roof stack vent seals (replace, Eric, ~$20)

    2nd remote for garage (Linda; called Discount Door, deliver to Brenda, ~$30)

    Dishwasher - basket needs repair (Eric to check; Cheryl suggests replacing, ~$400)

    Refrigerator ice/water dispensers broken (not assigned)

    Refrigerator front trim broken (not assigned)

    Vinyl flooring repair in kitchen and laundry (not assigned)

Interior decorating:

    Missing basement window curtains; no shades or blinds for SE bedroom (Cheryl suggests family allowance)

Electrical Work: (we discussed Jewel or Castle to evaluate/give quotes, was there another? Eric, who do you recommend I go to first?)

    Old Zinsco Electrical Service Panel, evaluate and/or upgrade (upgrade ~$2K)

    Old basement in-wall heater, replace with modern unit

    Exterior and interior entry lights on one switch, rewire

    Thermostats - evaluate, consider programmable (Eric)

    Study wall heater and open panel in study

Plumbing: (Eric to schedule Hunt Plumbing)

    Main water shut-off value, consider re-locating (done)

    Old water softener, consider replacing (check recharge schedule, Hunt Plumbing)

    Iron Plumbing, consider upgrade (get quote, Hunt Plumbing)

    Dishwasher supply line, not to code?  (Eric, see note about replacing dishwasher)

    Basement bath faucet (replace, Hunt Plumbing)

    Pipe leak in basement (done)


    deteriorated mortar on chimney cap (Linda, schedule mason)

    minor creosote build-up in chimney (autumn project)

    basement fireplace smokes, evaluate (Eric.....check flue)

Exterior yard jobs:

    Fuel oil tank, remediation (Cheryl confirms fill pipe blocked, so issue resolved)

    Tree/power line interference (Linda, call IF Power)

    Lawn mower, sharpen blades, evaluate tires and brakes (Eric)    

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