Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustees Meeting, September 3, 2013

Attending:  Dave Bybee, Paul Robinson, Jeff Bryan and Richard Dickson.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Dave Bybee at about 7:40 pm.

Minutes:  Minutes from the August 6, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Trustee Budget:  No change in overall budget from last month.  Dave inquired about the recent Endowment Committee and Richard offered to give him a copy of the minutes.

Church Use Requests:  No new church use requests were received since the last Trustee meeting.

Annual Schedule:  The prioritization of maintenance needs is an on-going topic of discussion by the Trustees.  Omni Security Systems will perform the annual fire alarm and battery inspection this month.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  No new issues.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  The new Security System installed last month is operational.  The built-in intercom appears to be a handy feature for communication between the secretary and pastor.

The Trustee Chair met with two church members last month to discuss needed church repairs, including the roof and stone/mortar.  Based on that conversation, the members have generously offered to pay for Robinson Roofing to extend the downspout from the Education Wing to grade and the caulking of the wet side of the Education Building Roof.  Total cost will be $650.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the bid from Robinson Roofing for the downspout and caulking work.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Trustee Chairman will confirm that Mike Bean will have the manlift at Trinity next Saturday (Sep. 14) and Sunday (Sep. 15).  The preferred day for the Trustees to inspect the roof and windows is Saturday.  The man lift will be available after the worship service for members to get a close-up view of the stone, mortar, roofs and windows.  The Trustee Chairman will prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation to inform members of the maintenance issues at Trinity.

A mason from Idaho Falls left his business card with the Pastor in mid-August.  He inquired about the stone and masonry, and indicated that he had worked on masonry for churches in Colorado.  The Trustee Chair will invite the mason to attend the roof and window inspection on September 14.

The Trustee Chairman received information from a member regarding dates of some past Trinity maintenance projects.  They included: (1) electrical upgrade to the sanctuary in 1984, (2) parking lot (1990), (3) painting of sanctuary (1984 and possibly more recently), and boiler replacement (1995).  The individual indicated that the Trustee files contained little information for recent years.  Additional sanctuary electrical and sound system upgrade may have occurred in 2006.  The Trustee Chairman will make inquiries to see if additional records are available elsewhere.

Insurance:  Jeff will contact Wall-To-Wall Carpet to obtain a receipt for the installation of the carpet in the parsonage that was damaged by the sewer backup last January.  He will then submit the receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Memorial Funds:  No report on the memorial funds was available.

Other Business:  No other business was identified.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:00 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

Important Maintenance Tasks

at Trinity & Parsonage (Updated September 3, 2013)

Major Tasks                                                                                   Manageable (Short-Term)Tasks

Counter Flashing of Roofs                                                                           Paint/Caulk Clerestory Pivot Windows

Deep Grouting/Repointing                                                                           Repair Caulking under Clerestory Windows

Sealing of Coping Stone Cross Joints                                                           Re-route Downspout to Alley from Education Wing

Stained-Glass Window Restoration                                                              Caulking of West Side of Education Wing Roof

Roof Drainage Issues                                                                                   Membrane Roof on North Low Tower

Roof Membranes for High Towers

New Shingles for Main Sanctuary Roof                                                       Re-caulk Plexiglas on Clerestory Windows

Repair of Trinity Chimney

Repair of Parsonage Chimney

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