SEPTEMBER 10, 2013


        Chairman Patti Edwards called the meeting to order and opened with devotions, read from Ephesians 1:17-23, shared from this reading that Jesus is the head of all things for the church, and offered an opening prayer.

 Present for the meeting were Patti Edwards, Don Taylor, Marilyn Taylor, Brenda Sene, Cheryl O'Brien and Richard Dickson.

         Pastor Brenda wanted a clarification of "there is not a need for two services" from the August minutes and meant "let's discuss it as a church council to see if there is a need for two services or remain blended."

Cheryl O'Brien moved that the August minutes be accepted as clarified.  The motion was seconded and carried.

         A survey will be taken in October to determine the wishes of the congregation about whether or not to keep the blended service or return to two services.  There was discussion about how the survey would be taken....viat the Outreach?  during the blended service?  This matter remains to be determined.

        Following a discussion period, Richard Dickson offered a prayer.

       FINANCE:  The finance report was reviewed with the good news that TUMC is in the black.  The hope is to send apportionments to the Conference in the near future.

    Patti Edwards will write a thank you note to Kay Kiefner for all that she has been doing for the church.


        Richard Dickson was complimented for his work on Trustees.  The Trustees will have inspected the church from top to bottom by Sunday, September 15th.  There will be a power point presentation and an opportunity for everyone to have a walk through of the church.  Mike Bean will have a lift on Sunday for members of the congregation to go up to see what is on the top of the church.  It was suggested that someone may need to look at grants to assist with the financing of the needed projects and there may be friends of Trinity who would also assist financially.

       Don Taylor inquired about the progress of the Outreach Committee.

       October 24th there will be a blood drive at TUMC for Giovanni Castillo's needs.

       TUMC hosted a cooking class for the One Church, One Child program.

       Pastor Brenda said that there will be a vote at the upcoming City Council meeting about the discrimination/nondiscrimination issue in Idaho Falls.  Concerned persons met at TUMC for discussion.

       Permission has been given to the JACL for use of the church on October 27th.


       Cheryl O'Brien has arranged for training by a person from the law enforcement for the employed staff;  the training is for Pastor Brenda, Administrative Assistant Shanda Walker and Custodian Rob Denkins.

The date is September 26th.

        Cheryl spoke about Part 3 b;  she also said that there have been questions from members of SPRC about continuing the blended services.

        A report from Linda Milam was that the Regional Council did not meet in August.  At the time of the meeting, there had been 796 school supply orders filled.

       PASTOR BRENDA SENE:  Thanks for Rally Day and for people coming to the parsonage.

   Youth:  having trouble getting started.  Ben Langhorst, a new father, wants to not be involved.  Trudy LaBonte4 wants to work with the youth.

        Church Conference will be on November 12th, the scheduled meeting night of Church Council.  The next meeting of Church Council will be Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.


       Marilyn Taylor moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Cheryl O'Brien offered the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m.


  Marilyn Taylor, Secretary.


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