Becky Hayes

Rebecca “Becky” Wright Hayes directed choirs at TrinityMethodist Church for 25 years, beginning in 1906. She served her last stint in 1947, shortly before she died.

She was born in 1879 and was an accomplished pianist, aswell as a soprano soloist. When Becky was young, one of her piano teachers was John Thompson (yes, THE John Thompson of the red-covered piano student books).

She married Cliff Hayes and lived next door to the church (where our parking lot is now). They had no children. Becky was a leading piano teacher in the area and always had a waiting list. She was loving and caring, yet strict.

Becky was prim and proper—a Victorian woman. She was a disciplined Christian woman and loved Trinity dearly. Becky also loved opera. She would go to San Francisco once a year to hear the opera. On Saturdays, she would listen to opera on the radio.

The list of choir members who sang under her direction include names such as: W.L. Shattuck (the author of the History cited on page 6), Hazel Sweeney (whose husband Dan built the sanctuary), members of the Brewrink family (who set up the Brewrink fund for Trinity), Frances Aldana, Pauline & Leonard Fisk, Maxine (Linger) Fridenstine, Robert Lundblade and Marjorie Jaeger.

Marjorie Jaeger remembers: “In 1943 my husband, Jack, was sent to Idaho Falls to start a car business. Our daughter was six then, ready for school and piano lessons, too. Luckily we were sent to Becky Hayes, a piano teacher next door to the church. She took Carol as a pupil and talked us into joining the church, too.”

Pauline Mickelson said: “She was the best teacher I ever had. She always went through the upcoming lesson and played portions, which was inspiring for the students. She played my newly assigned piece for me so beautifully that I wanted to run right home and try it.”

From Jean Greenhalgh: “Becky was my piano teacher for five years. She was not only my teacher, but a friend. Sometimes I would stay overnight with her. We would kneel by the bed and pray before sleeping.” And, “When Becky gave recitals for her students, they were always good. They had practiced and practiced to perfection before the recital.”

Becky continued to teach until 1948, when she passed away of cancer at the age of 69. How blessed Trinity has been with musicians like Becky Hayes!

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