IF Methodists 2008

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Article on Trinity & Methodism in The Post Register on January 6, 2008, paid for & written by Melaleuca, Inc.

Some of the greatest holiday anticipation in Idaho Falls is for the annual performance of the Trinity United Methodist Church’s Bell Choir under the direction of Cathy Rohrig.  This is not just because of talent alone, although talent is present in abundance, nor is it solely the wonderful mixture of worship and humor shared with the audience, it is because of an obvious enjoyment by each participant as they give their yearly gift to the community in celebration of the birth of the Savior.

Their delight in performing, and the obvious love they feel for the subject of their gift is nearly tangible to all who attend.  For all who need a jump-start to feel the spirit of the holiday, this is the place.

The motivation for this gift is the same that dries local Methodists to share in many areas with their neighbors of all faiths.  The Regional Council of Christian Ministries is housed in the Trinity United Methodist Church, with contributions to cover administrative costs coming from 10 different churches.  This office administers the community outreach so well known in Idaho Falls.  

Methodist volunteers arrive weekly for the Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen and for the Idaho Falls Food Bank.  Assistance is given regularly to other agencies around town that house the needs and homeless such as the Haven and the City of Refuge.

Also under Regional Council’s administration is Friends In Service Here (FISH), a last-chance agency, lending help to many needy residents with monetary, educational and in-kind assistance.

The generosity of Reverend Brenda Sene and her congregants is also extended to the surrounding area in other ways, for example the use of their building without charge as a lecture hall for the Museum of Idaho educational seminars.  Hundreds of interested citizens have attended these forums such as those related to the Ink & Blood exhibit, specifically the Dead Sea Scrolls discussions.

The State of Idaho’s oldest continuously running troop of the Boy Scouts of America was chartered by the Methodists 87 years ago.  The Methodist commitment to children is evidenced by its Jack & Jill Preschool that for 39 years has provided a place for all children, providing scholarships for those unable to pay.

Such sharing is not limited to their Idaho Falls neighbors.  The Regional Council of Christian Ministries also owns the Little Church in the Pines in Island Park that provides non-denominational worship services to all who vacation or live in the area.

The two Idaho Falls Methodist Churches - St. Paul’s being a “daughter” organization of Trinity United - both participate in the two area progressive dinners with members of other churches, one near the city center and the other on the east side of town.

Members of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church under the direction of the Reverend Daniel Thompson-Aue provide Easter baskets each year to children of jail inmates in an effort to enhance the quality of interactions between the parent and the child.  Members contribute money, baskets, stuffed animals, toy cars and bubbles, among other things, and then donate their time to fill the baskets, often with help from jail inmates who, in additions to filling baskets, have a time for prayer and understanding.

The Methodist Church sponsors two overseas missions- to Honduras and to Nicaragua - sending medical and construction help to the former and schools to the latter.  They also assist Bush Elementary school with monthly donations of book, and in supplying warm hats and mittens each December with their Mitten Tree.

The early history of the Methodist faith, indeed the very name of the church implies strength of organizational methods in order to accomplish their mission of outreach to the world.

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