Hubbell Bible Class

“First things first, in home and church. Grow, glow and go!”

This was the motto of the Hubbell Bible Class, as recorded in the class meeting record book, begun in April of 1936 (this book is in the TUMC vault). The Hubbell Bible Class was named in memory of Mrs. John (Lillie) Hubbell. She was born Lillie Scowgin in Plattsville, Wisconsin on December 27, 1864 and married John Hubbell in 1893. They moved to Salt Lake City, then to Idaho Falls and made Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church their church home. Her obituary stated that she “was the most active of all the membership….She was one of the busiest women in our city but was never too busy to do anything for the extension of the Kingdom and to serve others.” She passed away on February 10, 1926.

The recorded minutes of the class began in April of 1936. They state, in part, “On April 24, 1936, the Hubbell Bible Class met at the home of Mrs. W.O. Cotton. Our number was small on account of some sickness and too many other obligations. Mrs. Barrett opened the meeting and all joined in singing “Blest Be the Tie.” She then read parts of the 6th chapter of Matthew, also using some thoughts from the booklet “The Upper Room.” “Our program committee not being present, we spent remainder of afternoon stitching and chattering.” 

The records of class meetings suggest that it was a monthly, Friday afternoon Bible group for women, who took turns hostessing the class in their homes. They supported workers in India as a mission project and sold magazines to earn money for their projects. Minutes of the June 13, 1950 meeting recorded that, “The Hubbell Class was called into special session by Mrs. (Barzilla) Clark at her home for the purpose of making better plans for the duty of caring for the missionary in India which the class supports through the Women’s Society of Christian Service. The help has been supplied since 1925, Mrs. Clark reported, by sending $10 each quarter or $40 a year. The money has been supplied recently by taking up extra offerings during Sunday School.”

At that very meeting, “an offering was deposited in a beautiful carved bowl from India. $9.70 was given.” The last minutes in the book are dated October 5, 1961 and end with the hope that “we may have many more such get togethers.”

The Hubbell Bible Class is still going strong and meets so dependably that they often have class on Sundays when all other Sunday School classes are cancelled. “Telephone research” (calls to Jim Shaffer and Marjorie Wheeler) suggests that the class began meeting on Sunday mornings for both men and women in 1965 or 1966, but couldn’t offer the reason for the change. If you know, would you share the information with us? We’ll add it to next month’s article.

Submitted by Patti Edwards

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