Pipe Organ

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A Brief History of Trinity’s Pipe Organ

Trinity’s founders were people of great vision and faith as they built a church of stone that could withstand the rigors of weather and time. Constructed in 1916-17, the sanctuary included a pipe organ built by Hillgreen Lane & Co. of Ohio, and purchased for $3,500. That same instrument is still used today. The original position of the console was under the middle window of the choir loft.

During the pastorate of Clark Wood (1947-51) the console was moved to its present location. Records show that a Mr. Howes was brought in to do the work of lengthening and splicing the wiring under the choir loft. During the project, Mr. Howes took ill. Rev. Wood continued the job with directions relayed from the bedridden technician, housed at a local hotel, to his wife, and then by phone from the hotel lobby to the church. The organ was ready for use by the following Sunday!

In 1953 the choir loft was remodeled to its current configuration with its beautiful woodwork and curved pews. That project was funded by Dr.Reid Anderson, with Allen Johnson as architect. The fine workmanship was done by Trinity parishioners Harmon Ebeltoft, Ed Nystrom and others.

In the Centennial year of 1983, funds were raised to refurbish and expand the organ. The electrical contacts and relays were replaced; an updated console was installed, and seven additional ranks of pipes expanded the musical range and capability of the instrument. The refurbishing was done by Balcom & Vaughan Organ Co. of Seattle and completed in 1985. A logbook begun at that time to record any problems and needed repairs or adjustments has entries on only five pages – a testament to the quality and care of the instrument.


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