FEBRUARY 11, 2014

       The meeting was called to order by Cheryl O'Brien.  Present for the meeting were Robin Stewart, Richard Dickson, Brenda Sene, Amanda McClure, Scott Taylor, David Bybee, Marilyn Taylor, Don Taylor and Cheryl O'Brien.  Robin Stewart gave the opening prayer.

       Minutes of the January 14, 2014 meeting were printed and Scott Taylor moved that the minutes be accepted as published.  The motion was seconded and carried.

       FINANCE:  Scott Taylor reviewed the financial report.  Scott moved that the proposed budget presented in January be used as the operating budget for now with the exceptions of radio broadcast money, salary for a bell choir director and pastor's salary.  The motion was seconded and carried.  Conference expenses that had to be paid were sent in.

       Discussion was held about the radio broadcast with pros and cons.  Scott Taylor moved that TUMC not sign a contract at this time and perhaps use D.C.'s and internet instead  The motion was seconded and carried.

A question was raised concerning the number of people that listen to the broadcast and how discontinuing it would affect them.  Suggestions were made as to how to  make a determination:  announcements in church services (which would also be on the radio),. The Outreach, the newspaper and the WEB site.  People will be requested to call or write in to the church with their feelings and whether or not they would want a C.D.

     MISSIONS:  Marilyn Taylor shared that EDMS/SDMS (the organization from which churches get loans and/or grants for projects) is in turmoil with getting checks cashed due to the changes in the name of the district from Eastern to Snake River to Sage.  This is being pursued.


   UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  David Bybee reported from the ad hoc committee concerning sale of the parsonage.  Sale of the property has to be deposited in a separate account and can not be used for housing allowance, but can be used for capital improvements of the church.  The committee voted to not sell the parsonage;  most of the expensive items have already been completed.  An amount of $5,000 should be budgeted for things that need attention at the parsonage:  galvanized water pipes clogged with lime deposits, replacement of electrical panel and thermostats that need to be replaced.  David submitted a written report from the committee.

    Cheryl O'Brien recommends further discussion at another meeting.

     Amanda McClure inquired about the problems of the Sunday School that were mentioned in the January minutes and her question was answered.

      Diane Croson, Richard Dickson and Scott Taylor had met concerning the various bank accounts.  Richard Dickson and Cheryl Siedelmann will close the account at Westmark and there will now be in house bookkeeping for the money.

     Robin Stewart presented a letter concerning the ROCK  at the Scout headquarters.  Members of the council went over the letter and by consensus approved it for Robin to send.   


       Richard Dickson presented a draft "Preparing for the Next 100 Years".   Council members looked it over, made suggestions and Richard will have it published in the OUTREACH for the church membership to see.

    Amanda McClure offered the closing prayer.  The meeting was adjourned. 

Marilyn Taylor, Secretary


     Members of the Missions Committee have tied several quilts that were taken to The Haven along with some books and more quilts will be tied at the next meeting.  

     No More Malaria is a program being supported by the Oregon Idaho Conference along with many other Methodist churches throughout the  USA.   Julia Frisbee will speak on Saturday, March 15, at 1:00 in the Pocatello UMC to give more information about this ongoing and very necessary program to get nets to people and save lives.

     When the Christmas gathering of mittens, scarves, gloves and hats were taken to Bush School  it was determined that there is a need for socks and underwear for the K - 2 children....who sometimes wait toooooo long!!  So a collection is being taken of the same with a basket near the drinking fountain.  One bag has already been taken.

     UMCOR has some great needs for kits for cleaning following several great disasters.  UMCOR West in SLC is the closest place for anyone to contribute.

Marilyn Taylor, Missions Chair



      Programs were given in the circle meetings on Prayer and Self-Denial.  These programs are in a four year cycle and the emphasis this year was on buildings owned by the UMW throughout the USA.

At the Unit meeting, members shared their hobbies, interests and collections.   

       In place of the autumn rummage sale, there will be  a "Fall Event"  which will include a luncheon and a program.  Members are encouraged to donate to the Unrummage sale (which takes place of the spring rummage sale.)

Marilyn Taylor, Vice President

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