UMW Cook Book


To the fellowship and food that the Trinity family has enjoyed for many generations.  We are closest to God when surrounded by friends and by the spirit of all the women who have gone before us and created this legacy of love that is Trinity.

We make no claims to originality for these recipes.  Our mothers and grandmothers were constantly on the look out for new recipes.  They clipped them out of newspapers and magazines.  They brought them with them from the places and cultures they called home before coming to our beautiful valley.  They traded them over coffee and on the telephone after it came into their lives.  They took each recipe and added their own touches over the years.   They used them to entertain each other and to raise untold thousands of dollars for mission projects as far away as the overseas missions they supported and as near as the local mens’ shelter for which they cooked dinner.

So many of our memories surround food, its preparation and the restive occasions we have shared.  We record these recipes hers that they may be as everlasting as the memories of those we first learned them from.  


Bev Kemp, Editor

      Trinity United Methodist Church; 237 N. Water Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402                   208-522-7921