Trinity United Methodist Church
Trustees Meeting, January 14, 2014

Attending:  Dave Bybee, Mike Bean, Paul Robinson and Richard Dickson.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Dave at about 7:00 pm.

Minutes:  Minutes from the December 3, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Church Use Requests:  Two use requests were received.  The narcotics anonymous group requested the use of Mary Dawson Hall on January 18 (Sat) and the Japanese American Citizen League requested the use of Mary Dawson Hall on January 26.  The Trustee chair approved both requests, and no concerns were expressed this evening.  A request for use of the church for a wedding in August will be forwarded to the pastor to schedule.

Trustee Budget:  The Trustees did not have a recent budget report to review.  Additional budget information should be available at the Church Council Meeting later this evening.

Annual Schedule:  The annual schedule calls for updating the Memorial Fund records and anticipating the annual budget request.  The Annual Parsonage Report will also be coming due.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  Dave Bybee was at the parsonage over the holidays.  He suggested that we evaluate the garbage disposal and low water pressure.  Both items were discussed and will be considered in the annual parsonage report.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  The heavy-duty entry way carpet at the main entrance of the church continues to perform well.

No progress was made this last month on the proposal to establish a Capital Fund Raising Committee.  The Trustee chair will make inquiries about potential engineering firms to perform an engineering analysis of Trinity this next month.  The worship committee will be purchasing a new projector, laptop and software for the use during Sunday morning worship.  The current projector is beginning to drop pixels in the picture, and the light intensity is less than desirable.  The current laptop computer is wearing out.  The proposal is to use up to $4,000 to purchase new equipment from the Video System fund.  Additional money will be available for the proposed update of plugs and cables for the sanctuary sound system.

No additional progress was reported on the sound system plugs, the Elm Street hanging sign or pigeon deterrents.

No other business was identified, and the meeting was adjourned about 7:40 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

Important Maintenance Tasks
at Trinity & Parsonage (Updated December 3, 2013)

Major Tasks                                              

Engineering Analysis of Trinity Church                         

Counter Flashing of Roofs                                        

Deep Grouting/Repointing

Sealing of Coping Stone Cross Joints

Stained-Glass Window Restoration

Roof Drainage Issues

Roof Membranes for High Towers

New Shingles for Main Sanctuary Roof

Repair of Trinity Chimney

Repair of Parsonage Chimney

Manageable (Short-Term)Tasks

Paint/Caulk Clerestory Pivot Windows – Done (Oct 2013)  Additionally, aluminum flashing installed over pivot window sills and clear vinyl inserts installed to protect upper half of vent windows.

Repair Caulking under Clerestory Windows – Done (Oct 2013)

Re-route Downspout to Alley from Education Wing – Done (Oct 2013)

Caulking of West Side of Education Wing Roof – Done (Oct 2013)

Membrane Roof on North Low Tower

Re-caulk Plexiglas on Clerestory Windows – Done (Oct 2013) Plexiglas on south-clerestory were caulked.

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