Trinity United Methodist Church
Trustees Meeting, February 14, 2014

Attending:  Dave Bybee, Eric Lybeck, Mike Bean, Paul Robinson, Jeff Bryan, Cheryl Siedelmann and Richard Dickson.  The meeting was opened with prayer by Richard at about 7:35 pm.

Minutes:  Minutes from the January 14, 2014 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Church Use Requests:  Discovery Fellowship, a youth discussion group led by Michael Wedman, has requested use of the Chapel on Friday evenings.  Richard granted provisional approval.  The provisional approval requires the adults of the group to complete training and follow Trinity’s youth protection program.  The Trustees discussed the request and concurred with approval of the request.

Trustee Budget:  The Trustees reviewed and discussed the financial statements and proposed 2014 budget that were presented at the January Church Council Meeting.  Concerns were expressed on the 2014 budget, since estimates of the pastor’s salary were not included for the second half of the year.

Annual Schedule:  The annual schedule calls for updating the Memorial Fund records.  Richard will schedule a meeting with the pastor to inspect the parsonage and prepare the Annual Parsonage Report.

The Treasurer gave the Tax-Exempt Status Applications to Richard.  Richard will sign the applications and submit them to the Bonneville County Assessors Office before March 15, 2014.

Status of Parsonage Jobs:  A special committee was formed by Church Council in January 2014.  The committee is chaired by Dave, and includes Mike, Eric and Roger Haga.  The committee will evaluate the pros and cons of selling the parsonage and make a recommendation to the Church Council.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  Richard presented a draft notice for the Outreach newsletter requesting participation on the Trinity Restoration Fund Committee.  Recommended changes were provided and will be incorporated into the notice.  The notice will be presented for Church Council approval next week.

The Trustee chair was not able to make inquiries about potential engineering firms to perform an engineering analysis of Trinity in January.  Inquiries are being made about the repair and reinforcement of the support column in Mary Dawson Hall about 15-years ago.  Jeff Bryan will try to contact Ji,m Burkett, former Trustee Chairman to see if he has any records of the repair.

The worship committee purchased a new projector and laptop  computer for the use during Sunday morning worship.  The light output of the new projector is a big improvement over the performance of the old projector.  New software was not purchased, as the installed PowerPoint program appears to be adequate.

No additional progress was reported on the sound system plugs, the Elm Street hanging sign or pigeon deterrents.

The insurance invoice was not paid until inquires were received from the local insurance agent.  An item will include the annual Trustee schedule to verify the payment of this bill with the Treasurer in December.

The Trustees agreed with the recommendation to convert the Memorial Account to a Reserved Account under the Trinity Treasurer’s oversight.  Chery & Richard will close the Westmark checking account.

No other business was identified, and the meeting was adjourned about 9:45 pm.  The minutes were prepared by Richard Dickson.

Important Maintenance Tasks
at Trinity & Parsonage (Updated March 2, 2014)

Major Tasks                                              Manageable (Short-Term)Tasks

Engineering/Structural Analysis of Trinity Church     Repair plaster in NE ceiling of ambulatory above the
Counter Flashing of Roofs                                          Consider adding a monitor screen so the choir can
                                                                                        see the overhead projection screens.

Deep Grouting/Repointing

Sealing of Coping Stone Cross Joints

Stained-Glass Window Restoration

Roof Drainage Issues

Roof Membranes for High Towers

New Shingles for Main Sanctuary Roof

Repair of Trinity Chimney

Repair of Parsonage Chimney


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