12 Church Inspection

December 2012 church inspection

Description - F- year found, C - year completed

Boiler Room - Corrision and leaks in boiler blow-down lne.  The water softener drain had been routed thru this pipe and the salt corroded it.  That has been changed, but the pipe still has corrosion and leaks.  Rob recently patched it with JB Weld.  He will monitor it and let us know if changes need to be made.  He did not recommend replacing it right away because the ongoing corrosion has been stopped.  The pipe has a long run and some joints that would be replaced and it would be very heavy. F - 2011

Education Wing - Replacement/upgrade of windows in education wing.  Second floor, north-side windows are in the worst condition.  F - 2011

Start phase-in of new florescent bulbs.  Old ballasts can not be replaced.  F - 2010

Sanctuary - Potential roof leakage on sanctuary south-side low-bay area.  F - 2011

Kitchen - Repair/replace dishwasher room exhaust fan.  A replacement motor is not available.  A new fan will be required. F - 2012

Exterior - Sanctuary Roof - Replace missing shingles on Sanctuary Roof..  Replacement took 3 packs of shingles.  Rob will blow grit from shingles off the roof so the drains don’t get clogged.  There are lots of loose shingles that he could tack/cement down, however he recommends that we let them blow off during wind storms and he will replace them.  In that way the roofing will gradually all be replaced. Also, there are two layers of asbestos shingles under the current ones.  Three layers is all the building code allows so re-roofing the entire church would be a haz-mat problem. F - 2012, C summer 2012

Exterior - Roof - Install strap support on chimney. F - 2012

Exeterior - Sidewalk - Possible tripping hazard where cement sidewalk meets the parking lot asphalt.  Tree root may be raising the sidewalk.  Rob ground down the lip of the sidewalk, but continue to monitor. F - 2012, C oct 2012

Exterior - Marquee - The soil has eroded under the side-walk foundation on the Elm Street marquee. F - 2011

Trim low-hanging tree branches. F - 2012, summer 12 (Troop 6)

Office Area & Entry - Carpet at the front entry, office area, Elm Street entrance and 2nd floor education-wing hall needs to be replaced.  New carpet installed by Design Gallery for F - 2012, Oct. 2012

Sanctuary - North tower roof leakage that drips near by NE flood-light ( and piano) in sanctuary.  Occurs in the winter when ice builds up.  Rob has not found the source of the leak, but heat tape has been placed there and seems to help. F - 2012

Urinal in upstairs men’s bathroom pulled from wall. F - 2012

Education Wing - Two valves on steam radiators in 2nd floor education wing are leaking and need to be repacked. (Repair Performed by Rocky Mountain Boiler and also included repacking of valve on the radiator in the Secretary's office.  Cost was $651.35.) F - 2012 - 11 Dec. 12

Sanctuary - Lamp in main sanctuary chandelier is burned out.  Repaired by Rob. F - 2012 dec. 12

Sanctuary - Timer for Elm Street marquee is not working.  Timer is in Bell Choir room behind organ.F - 2012

Exterior - Marquee - Replacement high-output florescent lamps in marquee. F - 2012 Jan. 2013

Sanctuary - Security system for front door of church (camera, intercom and magnetic door locks) F - 2012

Parlor - Doors under parlor sink keep falling off the tracks.  Vince will arrange for repair.F - 2012

Parlor - Peeling paint and plaster in corner of room and under northwest stained-glass window. F - 2012

Parlor - Peeling paint under thermostat on south wall  F - 2012

Sanctuary - Drip lines down sanctuary side of arch under 2nd stained-glass window.  Possible window leak.  F - 2012

Sanctuary - Communion rail brown paint needs touching up. F - 2012

Sanctuary - North Choir Anteroom needs painting (walls and ceiling). F - 2012

Sanctuary - Screws in handrails on steps to N. Anteroom are loose. F - 2012

Sanctuary - Large section of plaster (6'x 6') is peeling from the celing above the ramp into sanctuary. F - 2012, torn down Jan 13

Sanctuary - Doors into basement from front area behind sanctuary have old masking tape stuck to them and sloppy overlap of wall paint onto the stained wood finish.  F - 2012

Sanctuary - Old alarm system on Water Stree doors needs to be removed. F - 2012

Sanctuary - Preservation of front Stained-Glass Window - Dave Bybee suggested that heat from sun trapped between windows and protective covering was causing the leaded windows to sag.  Long-term preservation/reinforcement may be needed to protect the windows. F - 2012

Mary Dawson Hall - Celing tile missing in SW side room. F - 2012

Mary Dawson Hall - Paint Room - Rusted pipe (possibly heating system) in ceiling and peeling paint around it.  What is the function of this pipe?  Where does the ceiling hatch go to? F - 2012

Dungeon - needs new tile for hanging ceiling. F - 2012

Kitchen - Counter near left side of stove nas a chip in it.  The counter top on the island chopping block is chipped. F - 2012

Kitchen - Old pipe stubs next to cooler.  Are these abandoned lines or still active? F - 2012

Storage Room 11 - Dave Bybee said that the sanmd bedding under the steam pipes on the floor of this room needed to be replaced several years ago.  He did not know if this job had been completed.  (Room was locked.) F - 2012

Storage 9 - Room was very warm.  Is there any way to turn down the heat?

Men's Room 3 - Small leak under urinal drain.

Room 120 (Photocopy Room) - Zip cord (temporary wiring) used for power to celing WIFI box in the ceiling.

Room 120 - Missing ceiling tile in corner.

Chapel - Peeling paint on west sde of middle arch.

Chapel - Need new lamp in socket of ceiling lamp in front alchove.

Balcony - Ceiling on south side is peeling and flaking

Exterior - Window trim at fire escape and 1st floor office windows on alley side of church needs fresh paint.

Exterior - Where does the fan opening at base of building go to?  (The opening is next to the boiler room vent.)  The opening needs a cover or grill.

Exterior - white caulking as been used around electrical supply to the marquee and on a nearby stone.  Consider gray touchup paint to improve the way this looks.

Exterior - Masonry - Check pointing of masonry blocks.  (Ron Ayers identified this as a potential long-term issues.) 

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