Parsonage Priority List

Email from Richard Dickson:  Brenda & Dennis,

I looked at the budget and it’s not very encouraging.  We’ve spent about $1730 on the parsonage so far, leaving us with a remainder of $270.  Greenskeeper will be out to do the winterization next week and I’m guessing their bill will be roughly $75.  That leaves us with about $200 for the balance of the year.

Let Cheryl or me know what you find out about the cost of curtains for Cameron’s room and the basement.  We can go from there.


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Here is Brenda's OFFICIAL priority list   :-) Apparently there is another item/priority I did not know about that Cheryl and Brenda have been talking about, and working on.Curtians for Cameron's room and the basement.So here is the deal ,our official list   :-) 

 Brenda would like the water softener first,BUT only if that does not take away the money for the smaller items being completed.If getting a softener eliminates the other items, she does not want the softener first,and this would be her list of priorities.

 1.Curtains in Cameron's room and basement

 2.Window well covers

 3.Fireplace cleaning/inspection

 4.Floor between kitchen and laundry room


 6.Thermostats(this can wait because we have purchased 8 portable room heaters and they work fine)

 7.Washing machine

 8. New flooring in kitchen,laundry room and office.

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Subject: RE: Window well covers
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 20:05:23 -0600


If you want to purchase them on your own and get them installed before the snow flies, that’s fine.  I just don’t know what’s left in the Trustee budget.  I’ll meet with Linda M. tomorrow evening, and will learn where we’re at or find out who I ask.

In reality, it’s going to be a matter of prioritization.  The new softener is high on your list (and one of the Trustees is doing some price shopping for us.)  We talked about replacement thermostats for at least some of the heaters on Sunday.  Now we’re talking about window covers and cleaning the fireplace chimney.  I’m sorry, but I need to see where we stand with the finances before I can make any commitments.


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Subject: Window well covers

Hey there IF Spud----LOL   love the addy   :-) Just wanted to ask you how ou would like us to handle the window well covers.I would like to get them on soon,and i realize the trystee approvals do not move fast.Here is what I was thinking.  I will buy them and put them in.If the budget allows you to pay us for them great if not great also   :-) We have no problem paying for them and putting them in just need to know what to do with the reciept.

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