Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustees Meeting, October 2, 2012

Attending:  Jeff Bryan, Richard Dickson, Jane Simmons, Eric Lybeck, Cheryl Siedelmann

The meeting was opened with prayer at 7:30 pm.

Selection of Chairperson:  After a discussion, Richard Dickson agreed to chair the Trustees for the coming year.  Jeff Bryan and Eric Lybeck will share as the Assistant Chairs.

Future Meeting Times:  The Trustees decided to meet for the coming year on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at Trinity.  (The January meeting will be held on the 15th.) 

Empty Trustee Classes:  The Trustees have open slots for the 2014 and 2015 classes.  Vince Esparza has indicated his willingness to assist with the Trustees, but may not be able to attend all functions.  We welcome his support and any assistance he can provide.

Functional Assignments:  The Trustees discussed the breakdown of functional assignments. The following assignments were made:

Jeff – Insurance

Cheryl – Memorial Funds

Eric & Richard – Parsonage

Jane & Dave - Trinity

Trustee Budget:  The new Chairman will inquire about the status of this year’s budget and planning for next year’s budget.

Winterization of Trinity & Parsonage:  With the coming cold weather, protection of the sprinkler system pipes was discussed.  Cheryl S. will contact Robb and Brenda B. to discuss further.

Parsonage Repairs/Maintenance:  The following small jobs were completed by Dave Bybee in the last couple of weeks:  installation of upper roller on bi-fold closet doors, reattachment of loose electric heater to the wall, installation of new springs on the bathroom window, and installation of a vacuum breaker on the water softener drain line.  (Jeff B. will notify  Junior G. may be able to construct a wall cover to enclose the softener drain.  Trustees discussed setting up a budget item to cover small repairs at the parsonage.  Cheryl S. will discuss this proposal with Brenda B.  They will also discuss obtaining a cost estimate for bedroom curtains.  Jane S. will inquire about costs of new water softeners.

Trinity Repairs/Maintenance:  Installation of new carpet in the entry ways and 2nd floor hallway is underway.  Linda Milam (past Trustee Chair) will continue to coordinate this job.  The Trustees also discussed the leaky furnace blow-down line, moss on the north side of the stone building, and repair of the sanctuary roof shingles blown off last spring.  Cheryl S. meet with Rob D. to discuss these and any other maintenance or repair issues he have.

Other Business:  There was no other business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Minutes prepared by Richard Dickson


 I’ve attached the minutes from the October 2, 2012 Trustee meeting.  I was having trouble keeping track of everything we’re working on, so I included a list of follow-up items below.

Thanks for all your support.


Follow-up Items

         Check Trustee Budget – Richard

         Notify Paul Robinson of repair of bathroom window springs – Jeff

         Ask Junior about construction of cover for softener drain – Richard

         Inquire about parsonage curtains & sprinkler – Cheryl

         Inquire about TMC repairs, maintenance & sprinkler – Cheryl

         Check on costs for purchase & installation of new water softener - Jane

         Perform Fall Inspection at Parsonage – Eric & Richard

         Perform TMC Inspection – Jane & Dave

         Establish budget item for small, incidental parsonage repairs - Trustees

         Approval of Snow Removal Contract – Richard

         Request from Preservation Idaho to use sanctuary on Saturday, May 18, 2013 – Richard

         Meet with Linda Milam to turn over of records and short-term needs - Richard

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