Plumbing problems at Parsonage

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Dear Trustees and Brenda,

I was there this morning as Mathews plumbing fixed the water problem in the parsonage.  The drain from the kitchen sink and water softener was clogged.  It cost about $190.   The problem went undiscovered for a long time because the drain pipes had been framed and sheet-rocked.  This is against plumbing code, he had to cut two holes to get to the clean-out and then roto-rooter it.

 While there I discussed and inspected other issues with Dennis.  I'm not sure what the budget is, but here are the things I would do if it were my house, and I recommend for the parsonage:

Plumbing:  Get a new dishwasher.  I bought a GE one at Blackers last year for about $400 and I am really happy with it.  Replace the kitchen faucet and the bathroom tub faucet.  We still have David Punt scheduled, and he could do that next week.

Curtains:  Apparently when he left a previous pastor took two large sets of curtains, with rods , and those windows have been uncovered ever since.  We definitely need to give them a budget of about $500 and have them buy and install the curtains they would like.  There are about 7 small windows in the basement and an egress window also.

Electrical:  Replace the two space heaters in the basement, and reattach the living room one.  

Other:  Install an access door to the drain clean-out in the basement.

Dennis said that the family has lived with many problems for years (like 7 years without curtains), and they have built up.  After this, I believe that we should give them a budget of about $500 per year to cover maintenance items and let them decide how it should be spent - with our approval.


From Eric Lybeck:

Hi Linda and All;

I took a look at the water in the basement.   I consists of wet carpet near the base of the stairs,  near where the water pipe (for the sprinkler system) exits the basement.  

The wet carpet area is fairly small (2-3 sq ft)

I opened a small hole in the wall adjacent to the area.   Inside the wall it appears relatively dry, and from inside one can see the water pipe.  

Considering the location of the moisture to this water line, it is possible that there may be a leak in this line (where it is buried adjacent to the home)  and the excess moisture is seeping up through a crack in the foundation/basement floor is this area.

I would advise a second opinion on this.  

I am proposing that Dave Punt take a look at this as well. 

In the meantime, I have advised Senes to put a fan on this area, to help dry it out, and to treat with Lysol as it is starting to smell.

I will try to call Mr. Punt as soon as I can tomorrow,

Question: What is the address?   Please call.

Also, Linda and Brenda could I get your cell phone #'s  so that this can be coordinated most efficiently?  


Eric Lybeck
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Subject: trustees meeting on Sunday

Our regular monthly meeting will be this Sunday, April 22 at 6:30 PM. 

An inspection of the parsonage resulted in many items to be addressed, some minor, some not so.........On Sunday evening, I would like to have us discuss priorities, possible sources of labor/help, funding estimates, etc.  We do have the regular parsonage maintenance budget as well as about $800 in unrestricted endowment fund cash that we can use for work to be done this year. 

Once we have done that, I would like to get a similar list for the church, with priorities set during May and June meetings, before the changes in Trustees membership occur in July.  That will give the new group an up-to-date list to work with in the new few years.


See you on Sunday.


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