Trinity United Methodist Church

Trustee Minutes, June 2, 2012

Attending:  Doug French, Cheryl Seidelmann, Dave Bybee, Richard Dickson, Linda Milam

Linda Milam called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Minutes of the April meeting were approved as written.

Parsonage Issues Update:  Linda reviewed the list of parsonage issues, indicating those that had been completed (bathroom door replaced, cabinet handles installed, a second remote for the garage purchased, new dishwasher installed, blockage of the stove fan cleared, main water shut-off valve fixed, pipe leak in basement repaired, and lawn mower serviced for summer; basement stair railing anchored); or were underway (a part for the washing machine has been ordered and several window related repairs will be completed soon). Hearts and Hammers completed many of the projects. Several remaining issues are priorities including repairing the seam of the vinyl flooring between the kitchen and laundry, installing curtains on basement windows, a decision on the water softener, and some minor electrical issues.  Richard will consult with Eric about cracks in the driveway.

Church Issues Update:  Doug presented a list of issues for the Church building.  Several were maintenance items that Rob can deal with including replacing some shingles on the sanctuary roof and installing a strap support on the chimney and repairing the base of the sign on the corner of Water and Elm.  Several priorities were set, including replacing the leaking boiler blow-down line during the summer, replacing the dishwasher room exhaust fan, and purchasing additional fluorescent bulbs.  Lower branches of the pine trees in front need to be trimmed; Cheryl indicated this would be a good scout project.  Money has been budgeted to begin replacing windows, with the second floor north side the first priority and additional north side windows to be replaced if the budgeted amount will allow; Linda will contact two companies for estimates.  Other items discussed were monitoring the south side low-bay area for roof leakage and tree roots possibly lifting a second of sidewalk.  The committee walked through the church to check the condition of carpeting in the entrance, upper hallway by the classrooms and chapel, and the southwest (Elm St.) entrance.  Cheryl will be getting estimates on having carpet re-stretched or replaced.  There are sufficient memorial funds to do this job and it was felt that it was an appropriate use on undesignated funds.

Trustee Committee Members:  There was general discussion of the openings on  Trustees, including two positions for the class of 2014 and three positions for the class of 2015.  Cheryl has agreed to continue on Trustees and prefers one of the 2014 positions.

Room  Request:  The Idaho Falls Opera Theater has requested use of the sanctuary for a dress rehearsal and two performances, October 19, 20, and 21 and will make a contribution to the church.  Linda will confirm there are no conflicts; if there are none the use is approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.  Minutes prepared by Linda Milam.

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