Email from Linda Milam re church carpet:

I am nearly (!) certain that the carpets were cleaned at least once last year; I think after Easter; the year before they were done just before Rally Day.  Not sure where we will get specifics of carpet from 15 years ago, but I will check the trustee files at church next week.    Other than that, we should wait to get the estimates.  Thanks for following through on all of this.



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Linda - here is my report,  I'm cc-ing Eric and Richard, but don't have the other committee members eMails.

6/8/12  Report on TUMC carpet.

The carpet in the sanctuary and halls was installed in about Oct. 1997, according to church pictures.  The wood floor of the sanctuary was also done at that time.  Total cost was $22,000.  Rob and I looked thru the vault, but couldn’t find any bids or invoices so we don’t know yet who did the work or what kind of carpet was used.  We should find out that info for warranty purposes.

On 6/5 I met with  Kevin Snell of Carpet One.  He was recommended to me by the builders who did my remodeling.  Kevin, Rob and I walked over the areas and discussed them.

1.  Altar step.  He recommended that we install a bronze colored cap at the lip of the step so it is more visible.  That is $1.20 per foot and comes in 3, 6 9 or 12 feet lengths.  The only other stuff they would have is bright colors.

2.  Southwest atrium and 2nd floor hall.  Here the beige carpet has been rippled.  Rob said it was partly due to kids running down the spiral stairs.  What Kevin determined was that the rug pad was glued to the floor and the carpet was glued to the pad.  The carpet had come loose from the pad and stretched.  It may also have been caused by cleaning or just poor glue.

He didn’t recommend stretching and re-gluing because it would last a maximum of 5 years and we would only save the material cost.

For the atrium landing he recommended a vinyl backed industrial-strength carpet that is used in LDS churches and schools.  They’ve had it in Rigby High for 30 years and it is still fine.  (He said.).  The carpet itself costs about $25 per square yard, or up to $3 per square foot, plus removing the old and installation.  I suppose we could get Hearts and Hammers or the Scouts to remove the old one.

3.  For the main entry there are 2 problems, the carpeting by the offices, which is also delaminating and the stairs.  Of course he recommended the vinyl backed for that area, but it doesn’t bend.  The stairs would be done in pieces with that cap discussed in item 1 at the edges to take most of the impact.  He is looking into possible stair treatments.  Stair treads are possible too, but they may be $10 per foot.  He installed those in St. Paul’s at the gym door.

4.  Cleaning.  Rob said that the carpets in the church haven’t been cleaned in a couple of years.  He couldn’t remember when some of the rooms - including the copier one - have been cleaned.  I think that would be a good idea after VBS.  He tested those nasty footprints and was able to remove them with rug cleaner.

There are 3 companies that make water resistant carpet:

Collins and Aikman, which has been at it since 67, does the vinyl backed and has a 25 year warranty.

Also Cambridge and Mohawk which each have similar products and have been producing them for about 10 years.  They have lifetime warranties on some aspects of the carpet.  Ie.  You pick the color and style and backing and it is made for you.  

I’ve done a bit of surfing but haven’t had much luck finding helpful info.  There are lots of colors and styles to chose from of course.

Kevin will be at the church soon to do measurements and prepare a bid that covers several alternatives that I discussed with him.  He remembered writing a bid 15 years ago, but their company didn’t get it.

I’m running out of time before I go to camp for the summer and haven’t checked with other carpet companies.  I’ll try to drop by Western Wholesale and Carpet Mart next week to get some ideas.

Here is my recommendation:

A.  We find out who did it 15 years ago and see if it is still under warranty.

B.  We install the vinyl backed stuff (or similar) in the SW atrium, it’s about 65 square feet and should cost under $1,000.  Never worry about it again.

C.  We do a different treatment for the steps in the main foyer, using caps at the edges of the steps.

D.  Put the bronze cap on the altar stair, Rob could do that.

E.  Re-carpet the 2nd floor hall and foyer area with the same style as the atrium, but not the expensive water barrier kind.  We need to evaluate tack strips vs gluing.

F.  Don’t go cheap if this is going to be our home for the foreseeable future.

F.  Have the rest of the carpets professionally cleaned.


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